Day Tripper

A Furniture Collection for Road Trips 

Researchers say that decelerating, even by means of travel, can allow for the human mind to delve deep into an experience (say, a road trip) and ultimately benefit exponentially more spiritually and physically.
— excerpt from "day tripper" process book, page 11 (linked below)
Living attentively with intention simply means to do whatever you do with focus and intent, with an understanding of the importance of whatever it is you are doing.
— excerpt from "day tripper" process book, page 13 (linked below)
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Western culture has made an industry out of long drives through the great American landscape: this industry is road movies.
— excerpt from "Day Tripper" process book, page 11 (linked below)

Check out my process book below to see the rest of my eight-piece collection along with my thoughts inspirations that went into Day Tripper.