Photo of a Photo



"The photos chosen to photograph are postcards that were happened upon at a local junk shop. My original plan was to play with different textures within the photograph and their relation to the environment I would choose to place them. After experimenting with this I began straying from the idea. I found myself falling into these photos, unintentionally. They reminded me of things I'd heard in the news or on the radio (some more indirect than others) or from documentaries I'd watched on Netflix. The audience should interpret the photos however they find themselves to do so. But, a theme should not be disregarded as each photo hints at irony, subtle humor, and maybe even disappointment. 


Sending a postcard from here is about the role of a postcard providing a link. It is most often a picture of a recognizable location, building, monument, landmark, person, or group of people. The specific postcards I chose contain their own emotion that is relayed from the sender to the receiver of the card. The man fishing is peaceful and isolated. "Miami's Fabulous Seaquarium" evokes adrenaline and family fun. The boy eating watermelon is endearing and sweet. The tension between the bull and the matador is suspenseful, terrifying yet inviting. The photograph of Georgia suggests open roads and adventure. When someone sent each of these postcards, they gave the receiving end a taste of their trip to make them wish they could experience the adventure too. Postcards are enticing. When I placed the postcards in an environment, not only did the postcards change, but the environment did, too."