video journal: week of 10/8/17

I am going to start making journal videos! This one is really simple since it's an intro for me and the blog. I wanted to show my second stab at working with clay! I have experience in slip casting but not so much hand building. My birthday was Wednesday so I did some celebrating this week, too! Mostly with myself and my boyfriend's dogs (lol follow my Insta to see them on my story daily, literally) since he had late hours at work. "Celebrating with myself" technically means I ate ALL of my birthday cupcakes alone, drank a beer that I've never tried before- but enjoyed a lot- and read a book in the park. Yeah, staying wild at 23! Haha, just kidding. I liked how low-key it was since I couldn't be with the usual group. And of course it was nice to celebrate/chill/work with one of my best buddies, Crawford. He's been my clay teacher this week while he works on his own designs. Editing this made me laugh at how much time it seems we spent sitting on my porch and driving around for supplies. 

I'm going to keep messing around and experimenting with this video thang (technically and creatively), especially since I'm moving back to Philly for 3 months! Yup, I'm dropping everything to fill a temp position doing home concept design. I'm really excited, but leaving Savannah this time is going to be really difficult on my heart. Another reason I will probably be doing more video/media experimenting.

Stay tuned and keep vibin.