art and wandering

Something I try to do, but seldom get the chance to do, is wander around. As I've mentioned before in another post is that I'm participating in a ceramics studio class, which has open studio opportunities on the weekend. Saturday, I took advantage of that and spent the day trying to center a clay mound (well, many clay mounds) on the wheel. I did get a few little pots out of it, though! I'll share those as soon as they are fired. Anyway, when I finally exhausted my creativity for the day, I went for a walk around Old City for a while. Restaurants had their outdoor twinkle lights lit and music playing and then there were a few pop-ups happening in my favorite boutiques! That was exciting. I absolutely LOVE Vagabond and Meadowsweet. Meadowsweet had a cool pop-up happing in the back (where Cuttaloosa has a boutique) called Mess Hall! I loved the concept, especially the brussel sprout candle holders! With REAL brussels. It was so cute. Check their Insta, @messhall_journal. Posted are some photos of other things I saw while wandering around. I'm definitely going to do this more often.