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It's really cool when you spend 6 months of senior year in college pouring your blood (not a joke), sweat (so much sweat), and tears (it was an emotional rollercoaster to say the least) into a project (I haven't gotten to the cool part yet...)that is not just supposedly your ticket to the real world that hopefully lands you your goal job, but ALSO part of who you are and what truly excites your heart....and that project actually functions. Yes, it became a real thing when I built it. But it became a functional thing when I brought it to Philly with me and used it (after I photographed it of course). It's a strange moment when you see your own designs follow the process all the way to the final stages, successful or not. 8/10 times not successful in the beginning, but when they are...DANG. Even weirder. But good weird.  

Anyway, here's some photos of my senior project called Day Tripper! It's about road tripping and short moments in life we forget to enjoy during the present. Taking the scenic route is usually not efficient through many eyes today, but holy cow is it beautiful. 

Take a look at the rest of my project and process book in the work section up there. :) 

xx & good vibes, y'all


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