the rooster


When I was little, my dad called me "rooster" because I was always the first one awake and watching cartoons, dressed and ready for school, before he could make it upstairs to wake my siblings and I. And before that, when I was in --> diapers <--, there are a few photos of me standing in my crib wide-eyed before dawn, gripping the rail, ready to get outta there and get going! Where? (well at the age of 2, probably to the kitchen counter to "help" make pancakes or outside to play in the dirt)

I still love waking up to see the sun rise. There's a moment between the sunrise and when the rest of the city/natural world wakes up that feels clear. For what seems like the shortest hour or two of the day, there I feel nostalgia and newness simultaneously. I feel creative. Clarity and focus are so easy with the sun! It's ethereal.  

And then the world wakes up, and the hour is over. I'm holding onto any and all energy from the light that rushed in. 

And then my tummy grumbles because its been HOURS since dinner the night before and I'm probably really in the mood for pancakes.