wylde week


Weekly recap:

Hurricane Harvey hit my hometown hard with lots of rain, which of course resulted in LOTS of flooding. My little sister, who still lives at home, told me that 500 homes in our small town (pop: < 5,000) were completely ruined. As an optimist and someone not directly effected by the devastation (my family's home is located outside of town on a farm, however, much of our farm land near the river bottom was completely under water for days. But the cows are okay!) it's very hard for me to imagine the reality of the heartbreak many families are experiencing with all of the fb pictures and videos on my newsfeed. Something incredible that has fueled my soul is seeing, next to the physical destruction and tears, is the amazing community and participation that has emerged from a natural disaster. And not just locally, but nationwide. It's truly amazing and feeds my optimism to witness things like this when we have so recently been in the presence of hate. I'm so lucky to have grown up in the community that I did. *Here is info on how people can contribute*

I did a little process exercise this week, too. And I felt so free! Being creative in a slow way is so rewarding. Because of deadlines and the amount of people involved, my creative process is sometimes smooshed and many of the "steps" (for lack of a better term since its a very organic process) are skipped. However, I said HELL NO to the smooshing and I made a little sketchbook of images that have in some way been an inspiration to me. I've posted a couple pages for your eyes to get watery about. *Or check out my Pinterest for more eye candy*

I spent everyday this week working at a different coffee shop in Savannah. Who knew there was such a variety of coffee shop vibes here! I'll link 'em below :)

I'm going to the beach this weekend with my boyfraaaand! I love the beach, especially Tybee. Excited to post pictures about our tiny vacation next week. Have a happy and safe Labor Day weekend, y'all! :D 

Coffee places to check out: Foxy, The Foundery, Gallery Espresso, Savannah Coffee Roasters, Sentient Bean