summer in the city: pink vol.


Y'all, this post is totally dedicated to one weekend that resulted in new friends, sister time, and some major millennial pink vibes. <3

This summer I had the amazing opportunity to intern for ten weeks with Urban Outfitters in Philly as a UO Home Design intern, during which I took a weekend trip to Brooklyn, NY for the first time. The coolest part about that was going with my big sister, Paige, who I only get to see about three times a year because she lives in L.A.! She travels to Philly sometimes for work and this time it happened to overlap with my internship. So we took a bus to NY (btw LOL at us not getting there early enough and having to sit next to the stinky stinky bathrooms, HOLY COW) and met her friends and my new friends, Christina, Denise, and Deborah, at a really cute cafe for what was supposed to be brunch but we left Philly later than planned (story of our lives) so it turned into late lunch. After a couple bloody marys and one yummy house cocktail, we dropped off our bags at the house, shared some glossier and lip color to freshen up and then hit the road for a little low-key Brooklyn nightlife! We went to a barge-turned-outdoor-bar and had a really fun time drinking and chatting and taking lots of pics of both of those things. After that, we ended our girl's night with the BEST late night tacos.

The next morning we went to brunch at the very aesthetic, very millennial pink (and very pretentious) Carthage Must Be Destroyed. Seriously, the most curated eatery I've ever been to and honestly really really unique vibe that was fun to be apart of. Just have to remember to follow their rules they give you with the menu. ;) Following brunch, we ubered to a fun artist and flea market where we were treated to rose and shopping! Then sadly Paige and I had to boogy on out to make it to our bus on time. And thankfully, it was a less stinky trip back to Philly. 

I've said recently that I could never see myself living in NY for a long period of time but those pink skies that weekend really had me thinking twice! I guess it made me nostalgic for the summers I usually spend at home in Texas. The quiet sky and the wide open spaces are what keeps me going back to the west and home (of course in addition to loved ones and the fact that home is always home). 

Until next time NY ;)