beaded vintage dreams

-in lieu of round top antique weekend-


I will always remember the first piece of furniture that inspired my pursuit of a design career in the furniture industry. 

Every major home or interior design blogger out there has visited or has at the very least seen an Instagram post about the antique fair held twice a year in Round Top, TX. Population? 77. (#roundtop for visual references)

Large white event tents, with the occasional hot pink airstream or boho dream tent made of tapestries and colorful banner flags, line Highway 237, stretching north for miles starting in Warrenton, TX. Vintage signs, apparel, furniture, art, and textiles adorn what is usually farm land and pastures on both sides of the two-lane highway for two weeks in spring and fall. I've always been able to explore/shop the vendors and artists easily because I grew up about 20 miles from the big attraction. The famous kettle corn (the original booth of course), Royer's homemade pie (HOLY COW), the Big Red Barn, beer...okay I'm realizing now it just sounds like I eat and drink nonstop for two weeks! HAHA there is a lot of that, but there was one time I will never forget when I stumbled upon a certain vintage treasure. I was actually walking around with my boyfriend because he wanted to look at vintage pins and handcrafted knives. We also met up with my two sisters, Paige and Addison, Paige's bf, and their friend Chelsey. It was that day when I spotted the coolest set of beaded occasional chairs. The technique seems simple (I think? I don't know much about the beading process unfortunately) but the pattern was incredible. Still love the vibes I feel from seeing the unique geometry and design! I wanted to know everything about them, and I was immediately inspired to create beautiful things like those two beaded chairs.

This was a really crucial moment in my education as I had just dropped my photography major because I wasn't satisfied with the process that comes with that discipline. I still wasn't completely sure I had done the right thing. Thank god I laid eyes on those chairs when I did! I would still second guess myself after that, and still do, but I was more sure of my decision. I wanted to create something that would impact someone else in the way those beautiful chairs awed me. And it is still my goal today to create to inspire and delight. :) 

*sometimes I really do miss you and your charm, small town Texas!*