tune out: summer angles

The most magical, musing, cool, romantic, relaxing, adventure-inspiring season is  s u m m e r  and I'm FINALLY feeling its hot hot energy. literally though, the south has been humid and sunny the past few weeks and my skin is loving every minute of it, not gonna lie.

for me, the season radiates opportunity for spontaneity and brings little reminders of how alive we are! like the smell of grass (it's always been a dry smell if I'm in texas, but I'm really getting used to the smell of wet grass with all of the rain we've been having in sav), sweat from simply standing in the sun, the sound of gravel under the tires and dust behind the truck on a road trip, or the warmth of friends on summer nights....! I put together a playlist that reminds me of sweet nostalgia but also excites me with the thought of new possibilities on this trip around the sun.

p.s. drake's nice for what is, no joke, my summer anthem 

music image .jpg