stop to smell the flowers, don't pick them

I listened to a podcast a several months ago and I can’t shake the message it had. The guest spoke about the ego in the body and how the ego basically needs to be fed to stay alive, but we shouldn’t want to keep it alive because we become our truest selves when the ego no longer exists within us. He suggests that when we want to own things, it is our ego that actually needs to own this or that to define its identity, when in reality we should not create an identity based on things. He uses flowers as an example: we see them and see their beauty so we want to pick them from the side of the road or a field or a neighbors garden because we want to own it for ourselves. We should instead take a moment to enjoy the beauty and appreciate the flower just as it is in the moment, and then we should move on. We should not take the flower for ourselves, or for our ego.

I’ve been thinking about this a lot since I listened to the interview. I even began reading the guest speakers’ newest book (this is why he was on the podcast). I feel like I agree with the big idea of owning things to satisfy our ego identity, but I’m still deciding where I stand with the flowers. In the meantime, here are some cute girls and flowers they probably picked from a field or roadside. They sure don’t help his argument, huh?

Cameron JoostComment